The factors that impact sand making effect of vertical shaft impact crusher

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The factors that impact sand making effect of vertical shaft impact crusher in three areas: the nature of the ore (clay content of the ore, ore density), the device structure (angle of inclination of the trough, the level of the overflow weir), methods of operation (pulp density, to the amount of ore).

vertical shaft impact crusher

The nature of the ore

(1) The clay content of the ore. Vertical shaft impact break the feed to the ore containing the more clay content, the greater the slurry viscosity, the smaller the sedimentation rate of mineral particles in the slurry, overflow product of the more coarse-grained. For guaranteed desirable overflow fineness, may be appropriate to increase the supplementary water to reduce the concentration of the slurry. Ore mud less should be an appropriate increase in the pulp density, to reduce the entrained sand back excessive fine grade materials.

(2) the ore density. In a number of parameters are the same case, the smaller the bulk density, the greater the pulp viscosity, the coarsening of the overflow product; Conversely, the larger the ore density, the smaller the slurry viscosity, tapering overflow granularity, return of fine sand The increase in particle content. So, when the vertical shaft impact breaking broken ore density, an appropriate increase in the concentration of sand making; broken ore density should be appropriate to reduce the concentration of sand making.

Device configuration

(1) the inclination of the trough. The size of the angle of inclination of the vertical shaft impact break trough not only determines the size of the settlement system of sand, also affect leaf pulp stirring, therefore, affect the overflow product's quality. Trough small inclination angle, the size of the settlement, the finer the overflow, increased fines content in the sand back; Conversely, the trough inclination increases, reducing the size of the settlement, the coarse-grained material decline more opportunities, overflow coarsening, but returned to The less sand fine-grained.

(2) the level of the overflow weir. Adjust the vertical shaft impact breaking weir height, can change the size of the area of the sedimentation. When the weir heightening, allows mineral particles increases the size of the settlement, the volume of sand making area increases, leaves on the surface of the slurry agitation is relatively weak, and the overflow granularity thinner. When the require overflow coarser, should reduce the height of the overflow weir.

How to operate

(1) pulp density. The pulp density is a vertical shaft impact the most important regulator of one of the factors in the breaking operation. Low pulp density, fine granularity overflow concentration increases, the overflow coarsening. This is because the denser slurry, the viscosity of the slurry particles from settling by the interference, the settling velocity becomes slow, some coarse ore particles also too late sink will be horizontal flow of slurry with the overflow weir, so that overflow coarsening. Pulp density is very low, however, may overflow coarsening. This is due to the concentration is too low, in order to maintain a certain production capacity, pulp volume must be very great, resulting in the slurry flow rate in the vertical shaft impact break increases, so that the coarse ore particles also rushed overflow. Therefore, in actual production, the impact of a vertical axis for handling the specific ore broken, a suitable braking placer slurry concentration. In this suitable concentration when the keep a certain system grit for maximum production; while maintaining a certain degree of productivity can be achieved when the minimum separation size. This concentration is the critical concentration.

(2) to the amount of ore. When the pulp density is constant, the vertical shaft impact broken ore to increase, rising velocity and horizontal velocity of the pulp also will be increased, thereby overflow coarsening. On the contrary, to the amount of ore to reduce overflow granularity thinning increased content of fine sand back. Broken vertical shaft impact to the amount of ore should be appropriate, and to maintain a uniform and stable to normal sand making process, the sand making good effect.